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Run Open OnDemand

Access your organization’s supercomputers through the web to compute from anywhere, on any device.

Zero installation

Run Open OnDemand entirely in your browser. No client software installation required. 

Easy to use

Start computing immediately. 
A simple interface makes Open OnDemand easy to learn and use.

Compatible with any device 

Launch on any device with a browser—even a mobile phone or tablet.

Try Our Demo

Want to see Open OnDemand in action? Try it yourself by running our demo locally or in the cloud.

Run a demo using any of the major commercial cloud providers:


Run a demo locally using one of the containerized images provided below.


Enabled Applications

Open OnDemand makes it easy to access your favorite apps for data visualization, simulations, modeling, and more. Explore our enabled apps and new ones coming soon.



CodeServer U of Utah



Coot U of Utah



Lumerical U of Utah



Mathematica U of Utah

Have an idea?

We are always expanding our list of enabled apps, and welcome community suggestions. Check out our Discourse forum to see what apps have already been mentioned. If you don’t see your idea, post on Discourse or send us an email.

Current Locations

Over 1500 organizations worldwide—from major universities to leading technology companies—have adopted Open OnDemand. Visit this page to view a list of logos and associated websites. 

Open OnDemand Community


Open OnDemand Sites

The Open OnDemand Community

Cincinnati Childrens
Columbia University in the city of New York
GT Georgia Tech
Johns Hopkins University
Harvard University
Ohio Supercomputer Center An OH-TECH Consortium Member
Berkeley Lab
UB Unviersity at Buffalo

Don’t see your organization?

The more the merrier! Let us know if you belong on the list, or learn more about adopting Open OnDemand at your school or workplace.