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Don't hesistate to reach out to the developers via our Discourse instance if you would like more information or need help installing or configuring Open OnDemand.

Please cite us Hudak et al., (2018). Open OnDemand: A web-based client portal for HPC centers. Journal of Open Source Software, 3(25), 622,

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under grant numbers 1534949 and 1835725. and under active development by a team from the Ohio Supercomputer Center, U. of Buffalo CCR, and Virginia Tech

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Open OnDemand is an NSF-funded open-source HPC portal based on OSC’s original OnDemand portal. The goal of Open OnDemand is to provide an easy way for system administrators to provide web access to their HPC resources, including, but not limited to:

See the documentation for installation directions, app development tutorials, and an overview of the components and applications that make up OnDemand. We also have a walkthrough video showing the various components of an Open OnDemand instance available.

Organizations using or exploring OnDemand

Below is a list of organizations that have deployed or are looking at deploying Open OnDemand. Please contact us via the news list if your organization is not on this list and should be included!

We also have a page with testimonial comments from many of these organizations

Run your own live demo

There are 2 ways you can have a demo Open OnDemand instance running in minutes:

  1. Using Vagrant. Just follow the steps listed in the ood-images-full README.
  2. Using the Science Gateways hosting service. Instructions are listed in the sgci-ood-image README.

Project and Feature Roadmap

Upcoming Releases

Click here for a list of upcoming planned releases

Open OnDemand 2.0 Project

Click here for details on the Open OnDemand 2.0 project

Tell us what features you want to be added to OnDemand!

See a list and comment on community requested features we are already planning on working. Note - you must be logged in to GitHub to see this list.

Collaborating with Open OnDemand

The Open OnDemand team welcomes and encourages opportunities to collaborate on proposals with members of our community in response a variety of solicitations. Examples of potential collaboration roles our team can have include developing and delivering related client education and training programs, and providing extended support services for software deployment and custom workflow development. Please contact us via the news list if you would like to discuss a potential collaboration.

Please consider contributing to the code repository on Github. Since January 2016 there have been over 8,000 commits to the code base, but we can always use additional development help!

Project Cybersecurity

Trusted CI , the NSF Cybersecurity Center of Excellence conducted an in-depth vulnerability assessment of Open OnDemand, completing it in December 2018. This assessment included a careful review of the code, increasing our confidence in its security. The Ohio Supercomputing Center addressed the implementation issues (bugs) that were found during this review, producing a more robust revision of Open OnDemand.

If you have security concerns or think you have found a vulnerability in Open OnDemand, please contact us directly via email on the news list linked above.

Where to Learn More!


Date Title Slides Media
2017-03-08 Introducing Open OnDemand Download Video
2017-06-07 Open OnDemand: Supporting your HPC needs now more than ever Download Video
2017-09-06 Open OnDemand – Jupyter, iHPC, and Authentication Download Video - Missing 1st 9.5 min Audio – Complete
2018-01-29 Customizing and Extending Open OnDemand Download Video
2018-10-17 Using Open OnDemand for Training and Education Download Video
2019-4-17 Open OnDemand Project Recap and Roadmap Download Video
2019-8-20 Open OnDemand and OpenHPC Download Video
2020-1-17 Open OnDemand Live Demo N/A Video
2020-3-18 Open OnDemand Project Summary Download Video
2020-7-02 NVIDIA HPC Summit 2020 - Integrating Cloud Tools to HPC Workflows Download Video
2020-7-08 Supercomputing. Seamlessly. Interactive computing via Open OnDemand. Everywhere. Download Video

Conferences / Publications

Date Publisher/Event Title Content Access
2020-03-18 Emerging Centers track for CaRRC Open OnDemand Project Summary Download
2020-02-13 2020 NSF CSSI PI Meeting Better access to HPC with Open OnDemand Download
2020-02-13 2020 NSF CSSI PI Meeting Open OnDemand Project Summary Download
2019-12-10 Proceedings of the ISC19 Workshop on Interactive High-Performance Computing Open OnDemand: HPC for Everyone Download
2019-11-13 Nor-Tech Southwest Research Institute Takes Advantage of Nor-Tech’s Trailblazing Cluster Utility Download
2019-11-20 SC’19 Open OnDemand User Group BoF Download
2019-09-23 Gateways 19 Open OnDemand: State of the Platform and the Project Download
2019-07-30 PEARC 19 Open OnDemand User Group BoF Download
2019-07-30 PEARC 19 Scaling R Shiny Apps to Multiple Concurrent Users in a Secured HPC Environment Using Open OnDemand Download
2019-07-29 ACM SIGHPC SYSPROS Symposium / PEARC 19 Deploying and Managing an OnDemand Instance Download
2019-06-19 ISC19 Workshop on Interactive High-Performance Computing Open OnDemand Pre-conference Paper Download
2019-06-19 ISC19 Workshop on Interactive High-Performance Computing Open OnDemand Presentation Download
2019-06-05 NITRD Middleware And Grid Interagency Coordination (MAGIC) Meeting Open OnDemand Overview Download
2018-09-26 Gateways 2018 Presentation Accessing Distributed Jupyter/Spark in OnDemand Download
2018-09-10 Gateways 2018 Poster Open OnDemand: Access Clusters, Gateways and Interactive Apps Download
2018-09-10 Gateways 2018 Paper Accessing Distributed Jupyter / Spark in OnDemand Download
2018-07-25 PEARC 18 Paper Supporting distributed, interactive Jupyter and RStudio in a scheduled HPC environment with Spark using Open OnDemand Download
2018-07-24 PEARC 18 BOF Open OnDemand – Present and Future Plans Download
2018-07-23 PEARC 18 Exhibit Open OnDemand Overview Download
2018-07-20 Flier Open OnDemand General Flier Download
2018-05-17 HPCwire Article Democratizing HPC: OSC Releases Version 1.3 of OnDemand, Seeks Grant for 2.0 Download
2018-05-15 Journal of Open Source Software (JOSS) Open OnDemand: A web-based client portal for HPC centers Download
2018-04-30 NSF SI2 PI Workshop Open OnDemand: Access Clusters, Gateways and Interactive Apps Download
2017-10-10 CASC Meeting Open OnDemand 1.1: Web and Interactive HPC Access Download
2017-10-09 Gateways17 Demo: Developing Apps to Extend Open OnDemand - Paper Download
2017-10-09 Gateways17 Demo: Developing Apps to Extend Open OnDemand - Slides Download
2017-07-12 PEARC17 Open OnDemand: Current Status and Future Plans Download
2017-05-02 SIGHPC Education Open OnDemand: A Web Platform for HPC with applications in the classroom Download
2017-01-19 NSF SI2 PI Workshop Open OnDemand: Access Clusters, Gateways and Interactive Apps Download
2016-10-07 Gateways16 Open OnDemand: A Unified Platform for Science Gateway Apps Download
2016-10-07 XSEDE16 Open OnDemand: Transforming Computational Science Through Omnidisciplinary Software Cyberinfrastructure Download
2013-06-13 XSEDE13 OSC OnDemand: A Web Platform Integrating Access to HPC Systems, Web and VNC Applications Download


Open OnDemand branding assets are available in the GitHub repository. Organizations are encouraged to utilize them in their own presentations and installations.

Software Licensing

Open OnDemand code is released under the MIT License. Documentation and most publications are released under the CC BY 4.0 License

Maintained by OSC

This project is maintained by the Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC), a member of the Ohio Technology Consortium, the technology and information division of the Ohio Department of Higher Education.