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Get Involved

Our community is always growing. If you'd like to support Open OnDemand, there are plenty of ways, both big and small, to get involved.


Get Involved

How to Contribute

Want to join the collaborative effort behind Open OnDemand? Here’s how you can help. 


Spread the word

Mention us on Twitter @open_ondemand—or simply tell your friends! 

Suggestion Box

Make a suggestion

Pitch a new app or feature—or report a bug—to help make Open OnDemand even better. 


Engage with us

Collaborate with us to make your corporate or higher ed project a reality

Write Documentation

Write documentation

Draft documentation for a new app or feature, or help us revise existing docs.  

code application

Write code

Write code for a new app or feature, and share it with our community. 


Fund the project

Provide monetary support to our development team or one of our partners. Every gift helps!

Case Studies

Learn how Open OnDemand is transforming the way the world computes.

Atluri’s algorithms deliver higher accuracy FC fingerprinting

Precision Medicine

Atluri’s algorithms deliver higher accuracy FC fingerprinting The world of personalized medicine is rapidly expanding, with advances in DNA sampling, exp...

Community Testimonials

People are talking! See what the Open OnDemand community has to say. Submit a testimonial

First of all, a BIG thanks to you for making OnDemand - both me and our users love it! We have a big biology community among our users and anything that makes it easier to overcome "the slurm hump" is a big help with users who are not computer- and linux- savvy.”

Kristina Plazonic , Rutgers

I have a cynical engineer whose default evaluation is ‘this sucks’. After launching Open OnDemand, he said, ‘this is not bad!”

Ruth Marinshaw , Stanford

I will say as well, from a systems administration perspective, that based on my experience deploying application stacks like this, OOD appears to be a very high quality suite of software. Several times in working with OOD, I have been pleasantly surprised at how thoughtful the architecture is.”

Nick Dusek , North Dakota State University