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Community Testimonials

Thanks for putting together what looks like it's going to be an extremely useful tool for our users!”

Kevin Hildebrand , University of Maryland

It does look like it could be a really useful tool (great work by those involved!)”

Chris Collins , University of Hull

OnDemand makes our efforts and computing resources significantly more valuable, and enables us to reach new communities of users.”

John McGee , UNC Chapel Hill

Okay you were right Ondemand is freakin sweet”

Chris Franck , Virginia Tech

I'm happy to say that we are now using it in production this semester, and our faculty and students love it!”

Shawn Sivy , The College of New Jersey

Over all, the application works great. It is exactly what we want to see as a modernization of the HPC user experience.”

John-Paul Robinson , The University of Alabama at Birmingham

I have a cynical engineer whose default evaluation is ‘this sucks’. After launching Open OnDemand, he said, ‘this is not bad!”

Ruth Marinshaw , Stanford

We are really excited about launching this service and the impact it will have on our users - its a very significant modernization of our interface.”

Eric Appelt , Vanderbilt University

I will say as well, from a systems administration perspective, that based on my experience deploying application stacks like this, OOD appears to be a very high quality suite of software. Several times in working with OOD, I have been pleasantly surprised at how thoughtful the architecture is.”

Nick Dusek , North Dakota State University

First of all, a BIG thanks to you for making OnDemand - both me and our users love it! We have a big biology community among our users and anything that makes it easier to overcome "the slurm hump" is a big help with users who are not computer- and linux- savvy.”

Kristina Plazonic , Rutgers