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Don't hesistate to reach out to the developers via our Discourse instance or emailing if you would like more information or need help installing or configuring Open OnDemand.

Please cite us Hudak et al., (2018). Open OnDemand: A web-based client portal for HPC centers. Journal of Open Source Software, 3(25), 622, or via our permanant code repos Jeff Ohrstrom, Travis Ravert, Gerald Byrket, Trey Dockendorf, & Alan Chalker. Open OnDemand Source Code. Zenodo.

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under grant numbers 1534949 and 1835725. and under active development by a team from the Ohio Supercomputer Center, U. of Buffalo CCR, and Virginia Tech

Community Testimonials

Don’t take just our word for how great Open OnDemand is! Here are some comments from our engaged community!

I will say as well, from a systems administration perspective, that based on my experience deploying application stacks like this, OOD appears to be a very high quality suite of software. Several times in working with OOD, I have been pleasantly surprised at how thoughtful the architecture is.

Nick Dusek, North Dakota State University

We are really excited about launching this service and the impact it will have on our users - its a very significant modernization of our interface.

Eric Appelt, Vanderbilt University

Over all, the application works great. It is exactly what we want to see as a modernization of the HPC user experience.

John-Paul Robinson, The University of Alabama at Birmingham

I'm happy to say that we are now using it in production this semester, and our faculty and students love it!

Shawn Sivy, The College of New Jersey

We love the interface and all of the tools in OOD. It seems to provide almost every feature that a user would need to use their HPC environment.

Avi Gundimeda, University of Massachusetts Amherst

I’m very optimistic that OnDemand will make our compute resources much more accessible to broader audience - thank you for sharing it.

Jay DePasse, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center

Thanks for putting together what looks like it's going to be an extremely useful tool for our users!

Kevin Hildebrand, University of Maryland

First of all, a BIG thanks to you for making OnDemand - both me and our users love it! We have a big biology community among our users and anything that makes it easier to overcome "the slurm hump" is a big help with users who are not computer- and linux- savvy.

Kristina Plazonic, Rutgers

It does look like it could be a really useful tool (great work by those involved!)

Chris Collins, University of Hull

I have a cynical engineer whose default evaluation is ‘this sucks’. After launching Open OnDemand, he said, ‘this is not bad!

Ruth Marinshaw, Stanford

Okay you were right Ondemand is freakin sweet

Chris Franck, Virginia Tech

OnDemand makes our efforts and computing resources significantly more valuable, and enables us to reach new communities of users.

John McGee, UNC Chapel Hill

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