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Don't hesistate to reach out to the developers via our Discourse instance or emailing if you would like more information or need help installing or configuring Open OnDemand.

Please cite us Hudak et al., (2018). Open OnDemand: A web-based client portal for HPC centers. Journal of Open Source Software, 3(25), 622, or via our permanant code repos Jeff Ohrstrom, Travis Ravert, Gerald Byrket, Trey Dockendorf, & Alan Chalker. Open OnDemand Source Code. Zenodo.

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under grant numbers 1534949 and 1835725. and under active development by a team from the Ohio Supercomputer Center, U. of Buffalo CCR, and Virginia Tech

Open OnDemand 2.0

Project Justification

Reducing barriers that limit the adoption of high performance computing (HPC) addresses an important problem that broadly affects the science, engineering, and humanities communities. This effort builds on existing capabilities with large and varied user communities, and on national scale cyberinfrastructure and high-performance computing resources. The approach has several benefits:

Broader Impacts

This project builds on the strengths of existing efforts, and has the potential to benefit a broad user community. The project develops Open OnDemand 2.0, an open-source software that enables access to high-performance computing, cloud, and remote computing resources via the web, and lower the barriers to access HPC systems. The project combines two widely used HPC resources:

Project Activities

Project Features

The software employs a unique per-user web server architecture. This gives a user full system-level access to an HPC cluster through a web browser. Job performance visibility is provided by XDMoD, which enables users to make more efficient usage of HPC resources. Innovation and discovery will be integrated through a study which investigates ways to leverage the system-level access provided by Open OnDemand with science gateways. The integrated platform will enhance resource utilization visibility, extend to more resource types and institutions, and support a smooth and easy utilization of HPC resources with intuitive web interfaces.

NSF Award Details

OSC, with partners from Virginia Tech and SUNY Buffalo were awarded an NSF grant under the CSSI program managed by the Office of Advanced Cyberinfrastructure This ~$3.3M award (#1835725) provides funding through the end of 2023 and is formally titled “Frameworks: Software NSCI-Open OnDemand 2.0: Advancing Accessibility and Scalability for Computational Science through Leveraged Software Cyberinfrastructure” NSF site listing for this award

Maintained by OSC

This project is maintained by the Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC), a member of the Ohio Technology Consortium, the technology and information division of the Ohio Department of Higher Education.