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Don't hesistate to reach out to the developers via our Discourse instance or emailing if you would like more information or need help installing or configuring Open OnDemand.

Please cite us Hudak et al., (2018). Open OnDemand: A web-based client portal for HPC centers. Journal of Open Source Software, 3(25), 622, or via our permanant code repos Jeff Ohrstrom, Travis Ravert, Gerald Byrket, Trey Dockendorf, & Alan Chalker. Open OnDemand Source Code. Zenodo.

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under grant numbers 1534949 and 1835725. and under active development by a team from the Ohio Supercomputer Center, U. of Buffalo CCR, and Virginia Tech

Institutional OnDemand Webpages

Here’s direct links to the local webpages for institutions using Open OnDemand:

Institution OnDemand Webpage
University of Alabama at Birmingham Website
University of Arizona Website
Arizona State University Website
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Website
Berkeley Lab Website
Boston University Website
University at Buffalo Website
University of California Berkeley Website
California Institute of Technology Website
Case Western Reserve University Website
University of Central Oklahoma Website
Chalmers University of Technology Website
Columbia University Website
CSC - IT Center for Science Website
University of Florida Website
Florida State University Website
George Mason University Website
University of Georgia Website
Georgia Tech Website
Harvard University Website
Idaho National Laboratory Website
Illinois NCSA Website
University of Illinois Chicago Website
Instituut Lorentz Website
Iowa State University Website
University of Kentucky Website
Lehigh University Website
Louisiana State University Website
University of Malaya Website
University of Maryland Website
University of Michigan Website
Michigan State University Website
Mississippi State University Website
University of Nebraska Lincoln Website
The College of New Jersey Website
New Mexico State University Website
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Website
North Dakota State University Website
Northern Arizona University Website
Ohio Supercomputer Center Website
Old Dominion University Website
University of Oregon Website
Penn State University Website
University of Pittsburgh Website
Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center Website
Princeton University Website
Purdue University Website
Roswell Park Website
Rutgers University Website
South Dakota State University Website
University of Southern California Website
Southern Methodist University Website
Stanford University Website
University of Tennessee Knoxville Website
Texas A&M Univesity Website
Tufts University Website
University of Utah Website
Vanderbilt University Website
University of Vermont Website
University of Virginia Website
Virginia Tech Website
Wayne State University Website
West Virginia University Website
Yale University Website